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Creating Better Essays: Things To Remember

What does a student look at immediately after receiving a graded essay? Surely a grade! If it is high, then you feel satisfied; otherwise, there is a feeling of disappointment, but only for a few minutes until you forget about the essay.

CREATING BETTER ESSAYS: THINGS TO REMEMBER This process of evaluating your result brings you no benefits. In order to make your writings look better, you must understand how teachers check your essays and focus on those points.

Improving Writing Process


That is the most valuable part of the entire essay. Here, you must lay out the key point of your writing in one sentence. It should show your relation to the subject and your view of the issue in general. Teachers usually evaluate the relation of the thesis sentence with the proceeding paragraphs, whether the links are obvious and whether the stated issue is disclosed enough.


Even though the structure order is well known to all students (introduction, main body, conclusion), the flow of the writing as a whole may sometimes be illogical. A qualified teacher may refer to the paragraph coherence, organization of a text or appropriateness of transitions. Do not forget about this during the writing process.


The way you write is just like the way you dress up – it reflects your inner character and shows your writing capabilities. An experienced author will avoid using trivial structures and clichés, but would rather enrich the essay with various idiomatic expressions and wide vocabulary. Teachers enjoy reading unordinary pieces of writings, so try a bit harder and your essay will be surely remembered.


Here, you should remember about such notions as grammar, punctuation and spelling. Even if your arguments are solid and the supportive statements are immaculate as well, a teacher will not put you a high mark unless you care about the conventions. Be sure you are aware about the punctuation rules, correct sentence structure and, surely, grammatical issues. Nowadays, there is a great variety of online services that not only will check your essay, but will also give you a few hints on how to improve the existing piece of writing.


Your arguments are worth only in that case if they are supported with necessary sources. A teacher will not approve your using random Internet web pages even if the material you have found there fits your essay ideally. Be sure that during the search of resources all the references are exhaustive and up-to-date. Try to avoid using blogs and social networks materials – those distort the information most of the time.

If you are still reading this, perhaps, you are really looking for the ways to improve your writing skills. Your teacher is surely more experienced than you are, so try to listen to his advice and consider the things he pays attention to. Do not be afraid of criticism because it is usually helpful if to perceive it in a correct way. Stick to these learning tips and your essays will always be the best.