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For a person, having no sufficient experience in rhetorical essay writing, creating a rhetorical essay can be a very difficult task to do. In fact, writing such a paper requires advanced writing skills and sufficient experience. Luckily, by finding good rhetorical analysis essay examples, one can make this process pretty effortless. Of course, having a well-written rhetorical essay in front of your eyes, you will find it easier to figure out how such an essay should be written.

The good news is that writing a good-looking rhetorical essay is possible. However, if you want to succeed with this paper, you need to apply your best writing skills and study the tips collected by reputed experts. In our guide, we are going to help you create a top-notch rhetorical essay that will bring you the anticipated grade. Our writing service is a platform where students can find all kinds of writing assistance. As such, you can either learn how to write a winning rhetorical essay at our writing service or you can purchase it here.

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What Is a Rhetorical Analysis?

Before you start working on your rhetorical essay, you need to understand what makes this paper different from other academic projects. When dealing with the rhetorical analysis essay, you will need to convince the audience that the author`s viewpoint is the correct one. In other words, a rhetorical essay aims to explain how successful the writer is in persuading their readers. When writing your rhetorical analysis essay example, you may evaluate a lot of papers including articles, advertisements, speeches, and other media pieces.

How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay? Helpful Tips

To write a winning rhetorical essay, you need to check a couple of helpful tips and practices given below:

  • Study rhetorical devices properly. The ability to identify various rhetorical devices in a literary work will greatly improve your writing skills and will allow you to handle not only one assignment but also many other academic projects;
  • Select a topic that resonates with you. It means that the topic for your rhetorical essay should match your interests. No matter how trendy your topic can be, if you are not interested in it, there are little chances that you will succeed with your paper;
  • When making a rhetorical analysis, pay close attention to the media, in which the work is perceived. As such, when analyzing a book, you will need to focus on literary devices whereas a speech analysis will focus on significant emphases and pauses.

Create an Outline

After reading your primary source, you should brainstorm your ideas. Writing your paper spontaneously, without having a clear plan, you will probably fail it. If you want to receive a good grade for your paper, we highly recommend you come up with a good outline that will contain all the ideas and insights that will be developed in your essay. When writing your rhetorical analysis outline, you need to divide it into three main parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Main body;
  • Conclusion.

Such a structure will allow you to develop your ideas in the best possible way. Let`s have a closer look at the main components of a rhetorical essay:

Introduction. In the introductory paragraph of your essay, you need to present your topic. If the topic was chosen by you, you may explain your choice in your introduction. Also, the opening paragraph of your essay should include sufficient background information that will help your readers understand your analysis better. Some students also prefer to summarize the primary source since it will convince the reader that they know the primary idea of the article.

Main body. The main body is the actual rhetorical analysis. In fact, it is the largest part of the paper. Most of the questions should be answered in the main body. In particular, you will need to discuss the writer`s style, as well as the way in which the ideas are developed. Your main body should answer the following questions:

  • Which feelings and reactions does this work cause?
  • Is the writer`s approach successful enough?
  • Does the writer use good examples?
  • In what does the author interact with the reader?

To engage your reader, your main body should be detailed and clear. It would be great if you could support your statements with solid textual evidence.

Conclusion. As soon as you are done with the paper analysis, you will need to summarize it in the final paragraph of your essay. In this part, you may provide your personal reaction and explain the way the writer interacts with their audience. Pay attention that the final paragraph of your rhetorical essay should not include new ideas and insights since its goal is to synthesize the information provided previously.

Rhetorical Analysis Example

Rhetorical analysis is an analysis of any piece of speech. This type of analysis can be applied while considering texts, poems, speeches, and even songs. The essence of rhetorical analysis is to explain what an author wanted to say to his/her readers or listeners by applying three rhetorical elements which are logos, ethos and pathos. An example of rhetorical analysis by Mike Rios is discussed in the essay.

Mike Rios’ The Rhetoric of U2’s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ can be called a rhetorical analysis as it includes all abovementioned elements of such analysis. Logos of the article is expressed in the form of logical arguments which the author represents. In Mike Rios’ analysis, he mentions historical events which became a basis for the song. As for the ethos of the analysis, it is hard to understand rhetor’s character; however, the readers can realize what he feels while writing the article. The author seems to support the idea of the song as one can notice him expressing his point of view concerning the morality of people who became prototypes of the song heroes as well as the moral of the composition. The pathos of the analysis is reached by the author’s ability to involve the readers in the subject, and share his thoughts and feelings with them. Thus, all three elements create an analysis that helps understand the idea and the meaning of the song starting from instrumental introduction and ending with the last lines.

Writing a rhetorical analysis can help us to practice our rhetorical abilities. Writing such works, we learn different things. First of all, we analyze various aspects of a text such as its historical background, things that influenced its appearance, its idea and other elements. Secondly, rhetorical analysis gives us a chance to share our feelings and emotions concerning a text. Moreover, we learn to reach attention of an audience and influence it somehow. Thus, writing a rhetorical analysis is useful in order to develop multitasking performance and attention to details.

Final Thoughts

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