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Budget Tools to Increase Effectiveness of Your Social Media

Personal branding is a decisive thing in nowadays world. The tendencies brought by modern era and its requirements to personal branding have been shared in our previous post. Now, it is high time we addressed a not less crucial topic – making the most of digital tools to improve your user experience in social media. In fact, it is a need of an average person, doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new career path, starting a hobby, or using social network for fun. The personal brand is a critical contribution to any beginnings.

We’ve compiled a list of the best-loved online tools to automatically operate your network accounts not keeping track of them for all the time.

1. Crowdfire

The tool is free of charge. At the beginning, the program aimed at helping you to show the number of unfollowing and following you people on a social platform. However, by this point of time, the tool has been developed to operate different social networks. You should link your Instagram account to Etsy shop, and Crowdfire will regularly show you some ways to improve your account, increase engagement, and double the number of followers.

2. Post Planner

The price amounts to $3 per month. Quite often, people get stuck looking for interesting information to post. It is truly very tiring to understand what stories are the most catching, which post will attract the most attention. For the reasonable price, you could have a Planner dashboard to help to confront all the issues above. You should point out the web pages you are interested in, and the app will analyze its content to suggest you the best topics to arise in your account.

3. Later

You do not need to pay anything for this tool. Later works for boosting your Facebook or Instagram reach and expanding your presence there. It assists you in posting the appropriate images in the right time. Once you have logged in, the tool gives you the possibility to upload the post you can use in future. Additionally, it creates winning hashtags for you and helps to plan the publishing schedule. You can easily unplug the schedule if you are out for a vacation or a difficult working week, and your followers will still enjoy your further post.

4. Boardbooster

Boardbooster is a free of charge tool. It has been exclusively developed for Pinterest. It satisfies all your needs even not using any additional web pages or apps. If you use the tool for free, it allows you to make maximum one hundred pins which are posted itself by the app at the most appropriate time of the day based on users’ engagement analysis. An accurately and creatively managed account is the best way to strike the eye of the audience and even prospective employees.


The tool is free. IFTTT is deciphered as “if this then that.” This service makes it possible to synchronize platforms and apps you use. Just imagine all of them being automated and working cooperatively! IFTTT will quickly link all your accounts and create a sophisticated strategy to develop each of them in a certain order. You could easily add some hashtag to your Google Calendar and it will be posted on Facebook.

6. Planoly

The tool is absolutely costless. It will help you to lead a harmoniously organized Instagram account paying attention to the color palette, the most suitable filters for your photos, and the subject matter of each post. Nowadays, such features are already a demand for a well-curated account. In order to attract a great number of followers, you should rigorously evaluate a collection of photos you post and whether their coordinate with each other and with the message you want to deliver by your account. Planoly is programed to schedule your future images to ensure you that the profile is perfectly managed.

7. Tailwind

The cost of Tailwind is $9.99 in a month. To some extent, the tool is similar to Later app as it is also created to coordinate Pinterest and Instagram. What is more, it enables you to access a highly qualified analysis of the content you post and how audience likes it. Keep track of your account’s growth and the most popular issues lighting the interest of followers.

8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp doesn’t require any payment. The tool is one of the most appropriate ones for various types of business as it is designed to increase brand awareness, launch a marketing campaign, and analyze an account to attract targeted followers. What is more, it also atomizes email messages interaction. On the contrary, Mailchimp is also handy for personal use because it is user-friendly and you could easily link it to Squarespace. This is a right method to transform your account to autopilot page with a constantly growing audience. The tool makes possible to spend the least time online and benefit from your account.

9. Buffer

You do not need to pay for using Buffer app. It empowers you to gain popularity and credibility in the certain field publishing sphere oriented content in Twitter. This is a great chance to get acquainted with people from the same field and exchange some valuable tips and share the experience. This way you will quickly take a position of influencer. Buffer is a well-developed tool to make a list of future tweets connected to the subjects you are going to discuss.

10. Workflow

Workflow is free of charge. The tool is a pilot project of the Apple Corporation as an answer to IFTTT. If to compare the two apps, they work in a quite similar way, but what is important, Workflow gives the possibility to link iOS tools.

Make your choice and improve your daily routine of managing social media!