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Brainstorming as an Essential Part of Writing: Part 1

Brainstorming means generating as many ideas on a certain subject as possible to sort them and choose the best ones afterwards.

It is a very important part of the writing process. Whether you feel confident about your writing skills or think that you lack some abilities at the moment, this activity will help you write successfully. In case you don’t know how to brainstorm, read on. From this article, you will learn the best brainstorming techniques and find out how to facilitate your brainstorming process. 

Brainstorming Tips-Part-1The Process of Brainstorming: Major Steps

  1. Prepare. Take whatever you use to write (either your laptop or a piece of paper and a pen) and get ready to write down your ideas. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your workplace area. 
  2. Set a time limit. It shouldn’t be too much or too little. About 15-20 minutes per session is okay.
  3. Concentrate on your subject. Take notes of all the thoughts and ideas you get. Don’t try to sort out or organize them. Just write at this stage.
  4. Look through your list. When your stream of consciousness stops, read your list. This time, you need to start organizing and sorting out your ideas. Choose the most valuable and useful ones. Rewrite your list into categories of significance.
  5. Create an outline for your piece of writing. It should be a rough draft of your future story, paper, book, or whatever it is.

Brainstorming Methods

Multiple techniques can be used to boost your creativity and facilitate your writing process. Some of the most popular and useful ones are:

  • Mind mapping. According to this technique, you can build your thoughts using the ideas you have generated before and see the connection between all your ideas. The technique works in the following way. You have to write down a particular idea in the middle of the page. Then draw a big circle around this idea and make some smaller circles around the big one. In these smaller circles, write down the ideas that refer to the main one. Connect all the smaller circles with the big one. Repeat the same process for all smaller ideas. 
  • Free writing. Allow your thoughts to flow freely. Don’t limit yourself to anything. Remain in the present moment and catch all your ideas. You never know where your mind might lead you. So, just follow it all the way down to your subconscious. 
  • Asking questions. Ask yourself and answer your questions. It will help you generate ideas.
  • Rolestrorming. Imagine yourself as a different person – someone of a different age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Attempt to think about your subject from the point of view of this imaginary person and see the world with his/her eyes. It will give you more perspective. 

More brainstorming tips are to follow in the next article…