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Admission Essay Writing Tips and Prompts

Writing an admission essay, you have to understand that this type of an essay is useful both for you and the college that you’re applying for.

Essay Writing Tips and Prompts

It’s important for you because it’s a great chance to show your real self and spark interest in the minds of admission officers. It also gives you an opportunity to present what hasn’t been mentioned in your application. Thinking deeper, for the educational institution that you’re applying for, it’s a brilliant way to know more about you, your writing style, ability, values, experience, and creativity as well as to understand if you’re a good fit for them. Here are top 6 admission essay writing tips that you should know and follow. 


  1. Tell your story. Admissions officers know who are authentic and who are not. They have a kind of sixth sense so to say. It means they you shouldn’t use flat, impersonal language, but tell your story in an honest and fascinating manner. 
  2. Write with focus. Unfortunately, a lot of admission essays don’t have a clear focus. Writing an essay, think about the most important thing you want to show and emphasize in your essay and stick to them throughout the paper.  
  3. Answer the question. After finishing your essay, make sure that your work answers the questions presented in the essay prompt that you have chosen.
  4. Throw out your thesaurus. It’s not words that make the winning admission essay, but the message behind these words. So, don’t fall into the trap of writing your essay with a complicated language. Cut to the heart of what you want to say without any difficult concepts.
  5. Read your essay to yourself and to your friend. It will allow you to reveal the grammatical errors as well as other flaws of your essay. It will also help you to identify if the message you want to communicate is expressed clear enough. 
  6. Find a proofreader. This is necessary to remove mistakes, vague language, and inappropriate parts of the essay that you might have missed. Find someone who knows you well and understands your heart’s yearnings.  

    Now let’s see what the top 5 admission essay prompts are.

  7. Emphasizing important information. There are students who have a talent, interests, or background which they believe they should highlight in their essay. If that’s the case with you, feel free to do it.  
  8. Lessons from failure. Our failures can serve the ground for our future success. You can recount the time when you have experienced failure and show how it affected you and what lessons you have learned. 
  9. A problem that you’d like to solve. Describe a problem that you want to overcome, explain its significance, and provide your thoughts on how it can be solved. 
  10. Describe an important event. You can mention an event or accomplishment that served a reason for your inner growth and transition from childhood to adulthood. 

Good luck with your admission essay!