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8 Professions That Write More Than You Think


If you think that only authors and journalists write for a living, you're wrong! See the list of other professions that also use writing skills really often.

  1. Sales and Marketing. Writing well can convince people in buying stuff, trying new products, and staying loyal to a brand. A sales assistant needs to know how to write in a concise and credible way to appeal to the target audience. It's also important to feel the balance between coercion and persuasion.

  2. Human Resources. One of the main things HR departments do is filling new vacancies. For that, they need to know how to write an attractive job description, describe the goals of the company and tell about the working environment. Besides, after conducting the interviews HR managers need to document the results in a review.

  3. Health Care. In this sphere, the patient's life can depend on a doctor's ability to write well while giving recommendations on medication, diet, or exercise. When patients are admitted to the emergency room, doctors need to give understandable instructions to the nurses, as well as detailed discharge instructions for patients. Besides, doctors share information with each other through analyzing case studies.

  4. Customer Service. Customer support representatives have to know how to write emails and communicate with clients via chat. It's crucial for them to show empathy and give good advice through writing.

  5. Education. Students aren't the only people who need to write in an educational institution. Teachers also have to write lesson plans, give objectives, describe activities, and illustrate the desired outcomes. They also write assessments, worksheets, essays, research studies, etc.

  6. Law Enforcement. Police officers don't only catch the bad guys, they also write reports after that. It's important to write these reports scrupulously and explain all the facts with great detail. It is important to write them well because they can be used in a trial as part of the evidence. In the same way, forensic science technicians, criminologists, and sociologists have to write their reports for different purposes.

  7. Construction. The competition among constructors is rather high, so they need to make efforts to sell themselves. For that, constructors write proposals that include information on their budget, specifications, and timeframe. Of course, it is extremely important to write them perfectly.

  8. Social Work. In the sphere of social work, writing reports and case notes is an integral part. Social workers should know how to describe weighty decisions on different issues, such as qualifying a family to adopt a child. Since it is so important to write well in this job, social work students spend much time learning to write, summarize, evaluate and classify information.

Now you can see that most jobs need excellent writing skills for various reasons. What about your profession? How can you use your writing skills there?