7 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Being a marketer can get tough when the inspiration runs out. In such cases, request to write a blog post can cause sincere stress and anxiety.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Then wrestling a grizzly bear may seem a more attractive activity than writing. It doesn’t have to be that painful and agonizing. Whether you’ve lost your inspiration or you are just constantly struggling to write something, the following seven tips will definitely help you to overcome your problems.

  1. Learn the basics. You can’t start writing outstanding content without any background and training. Therefore, you need to understand the basic principles of writing. First things first, read the book of Strunk and White called The Elements of Style. Other useful books for beginners include Grammar Girl and Merriam Webster.
  2. Write like you’re doing it for living. Practice makes perfect and it relates to everything, including writing. There are no shortcuts that can turn you into an outstanding writer in just one week, so all you can do to get better at writing is to write regularly. Good writing skills take years to master and learning to write with consideration of SEO requirements can take even longer. Write every day and it will improve your skills, remove your fear and it will help you to come up with a unique writing style.
  3. Read more. In order to write better, you need to read a lot. Where else do you expect to get the inspiration from? Read different books, blogs and magazines, pay attention to sentence structure, word choice and the overall flow. The more you read, the more you understand what distinguishes a good read from the bad one.
  4. Understand why you like what you like. Many people keep reading certain books, blogs or magazines without understanding what exactly appeals to them. While it’s totally normal for people who don’t write, for those who do, it’s unacceptable. Read blog post that you like carefully, highlight the things you liked the most and examine why you like them. Analyze it thoroughly and apply techniques that you admire in your work.
  5. Imitate writers that you like. Understand that imitation has nothing to do with plagiarism. Imitation is about using the same tools and techniques as your favorite author to disclose your own ideas. Overtime, you will develop your own style and upon reaching this stage you’ll no longer need to imitate anyone.
  6. Understand the truth about first drafts. The truth about first drafts is that most of the time they’re crap. When you see an ideal piece of writing, it’s natural to idealize and imagine that it was born in an instant. In fact, all great work takes effort and your first drafts will definitely need a lot of editing. Just accept that this is the way writing works. Even the best writers do a lot of editing, so another truth about writing is that it takes a lot of rewriting.
  7. Find a decent editor. It’s basically one of the best things you can do in order to boost your writing skills.

  We wish you all the luck in becoming a great writer!