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7 Tips that Will Ease Your Writing Process

Steps that Will Improve Your Writing RoutineThere are days when it is hard to work when you cannot write any word. You try to start, but it seems impossible. Time lasts forever. Does it sound familiar? On the other hand, you also have days when words appear as fast as your hands cannot type. In these days, you are full of ideas and feel yourself more motivated. You enjoy the whole process of writing.

So, how to write better?


Get ready for writing: take shower, wear cozy clothes, do your hair, etc. Make sure you do everything to feel productive. If you feel well, you will write well. Be ready for creating a masterpiece. Motivate yourself to make it perfect. 


Before you start writing, eat some food. It will give you energy. Have a delicious breakfast. Remember that you feel better only when you eat well. Food helps focus. If you are full, you will not use hunger as a reason to leave your writing. Moreover, you can eat just a sandwich and be ready to write.

Drink water

Have a lot of water nearby. When you have enough, you do not need to leave the work. Drink a lot and do not distract. When you drink water, you hydrate your brain and it can think better. 

Say ‘no’ to distraction

Before you start, you should clean the space around you from unnecessary things. The clean area is necessary to work well. Spend several minutes to make your workplace free from distractions. You should also turn off your phone and close unnecessary sites (like YouTube or Facebook) on the browser. They always disrupt your writing and slow you down.

Read something useful

When you read you prepare your brain to work. Choose a good book about writing or something else in the genre you write and read it before you start. Reading can take only 10 minutes, but it will warm-up your brain.

Set a goal

Plan how you will achieve the goal of the day. It is easier to focus on something when you know what you should do. Your goal can be small or large; it can concern deadline or quantity of words. Choose what do you like the most and achieve it.

Indulge your habits

Ask yourself how you can write better. Maybe, you have useful habits. If you have something that can make you more motivated, use it. Before you start, do what you like to do (for example, you can paint your nails or eat some chocolate).

These 7 tips can make the process of writing more enjoyable and easier. You just need to motivate yourself in a proper way. The process of writing can be really amazing. Use these tips and enjoy your work.