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5 Must-Have Elements of a Successful Blog Post

42-BW-ae-Top-5-Things-Every-Successful-Blog-Post-HasWhat makes a blog post successful? Certainly, it is something more than a mixture of right words. There are a lot of ingredients of an excellent blog post, but for your convenience, I have gathered top five elements that any blog post should include. Apply these tips and watch your blog transforming.    

  1. Does your article have a point?  

Somehow many bloggers write very long posts and intend to say something, but eventually end up writing a pointless post with lots of words and little meaning. And if there’s no point in the article, then the reason for writing an article is not served and there is no purpose of reading it. You need to give your readers something that will occupy their mind, something that resonates with them, and something that they feel like commenting, sharing, and engaging with. Using target keywords is a part of writing an article that has a point.

  1. Does your article have relevant and attractive images?

No matter how good is the article if it has no images – it’s boring. People need to connect with some kind of visual images and even though the content is the most important thing for crawlers and search engines having attractive and relevant images in your article is a strategy that will help your post get more views. The focal point is that you’re writing for real people, not for crawlers. Choose images that help your readers to understand the content better. 

  1. Is your article well-structured?

If your article has a point, in order for your readers to figure it out, the writing should be well-structured. Otherwise, scattered assembly of statements and sentences will give nothing to your readers. A good structure supposes headings, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraph breaks. You can follow this structure for writing a blog post:

  • Introduction: where you explain what it’s all about
  • You make your first point and explain it
  • You make all your subsequent points and explain them
  • Conclusion: sum up the article and complete it with a good call to action 
  1. Does your article have unique content?

If your article is about something that everyone is familiar with, then it’s not that valuable. Try to always write blog posts with a uncommon angle and approach. Unique content is more likely to be liked, shared, and linked. People will do it because you were the first to publish it.

  1. Does your article have a good call to action?

Every good post has a good call for action in case here makes the magic happen – it increases your email subscriptions, social media followers, sales, etc. Lead reader to the action you want him or her to perform, otherwise, they will just leave your website. Invite your reader to do the next step and you’ll be surprised by how the performance of your blog posts starts to increase.

Even though there are no shortcuts or formulas of success, following these five tips will definitely make you a better blogger.