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4 Recommendations on Improving Your Writing at College

Even if you are not studying to become a writer, the activity of writing will still haunt you throughout all your college years. However, writing is a skill that can be enhanced through some practice and little tricks. These are four of them that every college student needs to know.

4 Recommendations on Improving Your Writing at College1. Get Inspired

There is nothing bad in looking through samples of various essays to get inspired to write your own one. If you have little experience in writing in a certain style, other essays can be a nice guidance that will show you the techniques how to introduce your topic, what tone to use, how to prove your arguments or cite sources. Just make sure you use a reliable example so that you don’t copy someone else’s mistake. Finally, the most important thing is to remember that these samples are just an inspiration, and you must not plagiarize anything!

2. Use Literary Tropes

Such literary devices as hyperbole, metaphor, simile, oxymoron or rhetorical question will always give your piece of writing a specific shade. Unless it’s a scientific research, these tropes may be greatly appreciated by your professors. They create a good image of you as a writer because they aid in making your ideas more convincing, make your writing more exciting to read and at the same time make your essay out of the ordinary. Just make sure that you still stick to the general requirements of the essay’s style and don’t turn it into a piece of fiction by overloading it with literary tropes.

3. Consider the Voice

Each type of an essay requires a specific voice. Ranging from entertaining to scientific, these voices should be clearly differentiated by you. Whatever you write about, the essay should have its own tone and personality, which is determined by the topic. It’s obvious that a paper for your business law course will be dramatically different from your English class one. It might be a good idea to reread available samples or your previous essays to get the flavor of each tone.

4. Expand your Vocabulary

Luckily, today there are unlimited opportunities to improve your language skills. In college, there are cases when you need to paraphrase the same things a few times. Learn to use a thesaurus effectively and you’ll be able to write a unique essay on any given topic. This helpful tool is easily accessible and has in stock so many synonyms that you’ll be flabbergasted to see how many different ways there are to say the same things but with a slight change of shade.

Writing at college will unlikely become your favorite activity. However, here are these four tips to make it as easy as it can be. Follow them and you’ll be able to improve your college writing skills tremendously.