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Glossary of Writing Terms

Essays belonging to this group are generally short written pieces required as part of the application process for enrolling on college and university courses. Application or admissions essays take many forms. For example, they can be personal statements, letters oftent, statements of purpose, and so on.
This category of essay is usually written on a wide-ranging topic. The writer’s task is to break the broader topic downto mini topics or smaller parts that are more manageable. The writer then analyzes each subtopic and gives their opinion on it. Furthermore, it is usual for the writer to explain how all subtopicsterrelate and connect to the wider topic.
Essentially, a bibliography is a list of references that show the sources a writer uses their texts, e.g., articles, books, papers, and all types of writing. Each bibliography entry should describe or explain brief terms i.e. an approximately 150-word annotation, what the reference is, what its purpose is, and why it was used. This lets readers know the source is accurate, reliable, and relevant.
These letters are an applicant’s primary method of communicating with an educationalstitution, examinations board, business entity, and the like, when they are applying for a course, a grant or scholarship, or a job. Consequently, the tone should be formal and business-like.
A book review is a brief description of a given book and it should also set out the writer’s opinion on what they have read. The primary purpose of a review is to critically evaluate a book’s content and give examples (or quotations) to support the writer’s opinion.
The process of brainstorming is a method for coming up with fresh ideas – the form of words and/or phrases - on a given topic. Subsequently, any ideas that result from brainstorming are assessed, discarded, or used a written piece.
Business plans serve the main purpose of identifying particular objectives for developing a new or existing business or a project. This type of document sets out business goals along with the measures required to achieve defined goals. It also takes account of budgetary requirements. It is common practice for new businesses to develop such plans as a roadmap while many existing businesses use them for restructuring or change management purposes.
These are usually long papers given to students their final year of college or university. One aim of a capstone project is to identify a specific problem and recommend a workable solution. These projects are meant to demonstrate the varied range of knowledge and skills the writer has acquired during their years education.
A case study is often a type ofvestigation, often the scientific or naturalistic field. These projects have the aim of examining performance various fields, often with a focus on quality. Because of itsvestigative nature, the writer is expected to examine,quire, read, observe, test and produce a report on different processes and their results.
Cause and effect essays are used to explain how certain events or conditions can have various effects. Put another way, the writer’s task is to demonstrate that some actions can have consequences. general terms, the aim of an essay of this type is to show how one or a number of accumulated events or actions can have one or numerous effects.
This genre of essay compares one item or several items alongside one other. The writer of such a piece may focus just on comparing or just contrasting depending on whether they concern themselves with the likeness or differences of the object(s) being examined.
‘Coursework’ is a term that has wide-ranging implications. Essentially, it covers most types of homework or assignments given to students all sorts of classes. A piece of coursework may come the shape of a specific assignment or it may be an exam-related project. many cases, coursework requires some level of research concerning the student’s course. As with most assignments, coursework enables students to demonstrate they are capable of undertaking a given research task and are able to analyze different data an empirical and theoretical manner.
These are a form of correspondence that applicants are required to submit along with their CVs or resumes as part of the job application or quires process. Usually, a cover letter should not exceed a page length and its aim should be to highlight the writer’s best qualities. A cover letter should not repeat any formation that is available the applicant’s CV or resume.
Critical analysis (or critical evaluation) essays are widely used the academic world. They follow the classic structure comprising of antroductory paragraph, a few body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Essays of this type are usually a critical analysis of a given text asterpreted by the writer. While the terms ‘critical essays’ and ‘critical reviews’ are often used terchangeably, the style of a critical essay is more formal and more comparable to the style found formal essays. Essentially, these essays are meant to be based on scholarly opinion and observation as well as correctly referenced formation.
Critiques are written texts (also referred to as reviews or summaries) that may beformal, partly formal, or fully formal. They serve the purpose of analyzing and evaluating the key points of a given text.
This genre of essay is meant to explain detail what a variety of terms mean. Facts and examples should be used to support the writer’s descriptions. Clear explanations are particularly needed for abstract and specialist terms, and cases where terms are dispute or their meaning is not generally available. For example, there are often variations the way certain terms are defined.
As may be clear from the title, these essays provide comprehensive descriptions of various situations, events, places, and even people. The primary objective is to provide detailed and vivid descriptions so that readers can clearly envisage the subject matter.
These are lengthy documents that require a significant amount of research work based on primary and secondary source materials, the findings of which are then discussed the paper. Dissertations are usually the last assignment a student must complete before they graduate with an academic qualification, e.g., a PhD. These papers demonstrate that the student is able to critically analyze source material and is capable of thinking creatively. They are also meant to showcase the writer’s knowledge on a specific subject, acquired over the course of their college or university education.
The editing process can be thought of as reviewing a written piece order to correct and improve it. Writers often do their own editing or they engage a professional editor to review, perfect, and polish their papers to a defined standard.
While email is also widely used for personal purposes, it is a vital correspondence tool business. Generally, it is used to communicate with employees and customers, forquiry purposes, to manage project work, and for many other reasons. The tone and structure of business email is usually formal while it tends to be less formal when used for personal purposes.
An essay serves many purposes the academic, business, and personal sense. These papers should not usually exceed ten (10) pages, although some can be fifty plus pages. Essays are generally precise pieces of prose structured three main parts: a) antroductory paragraph, b) a few body paragraphs, and c) a concluding paragraph. This type of writing is often used the world of education as student assignments.
These are usually used to examine and critically evaluate certain objects, events, or phenomena. The writer should, therefore, evaluate the given subject and provide the reader with reliable, fair, and impartial evidence to enable them to understand the subject and draw conclusions on their own.
Expository essays are mostly used as academic assignments. It is expected the writer will fully analyze and/or examine and describe a selected process, procedure, or method and explain the steps or provides instructions on how to complete the given task.
These are the basic foundation, structure, or rules for using a given language. Essentially, grammar determines the correct use of words, phrases, clauses and sentences.
Grants are a type of funding awarded by various organizations towards a business or educational venture or for project purposes. Therefore, a grant must be applied for (i.e. a grant application) or a proposal (grant proposal) submitted by andividual who hopes to obtain this type of financial aid. A successful grant application or proposal should demonstrate the applicant is worthy and that the proposed venture or project is more worthwhile than those they are competing against.
Guides or process essays are used to explain how something works or is done. Although a process essay can cover any topic, the writer should be entirely familiar with the subject matter since the aim is to enable readers to undertake the task themselves.
This is the first or opening paragraph virtually every text and its aim should be to attract the attention of the reader so that they feel compelled to read the entire text. A thesis statement that introduces the topic and provides background information on it is a crucial part of antroductory paragraph.
These reports are detailed descriptions of a particular process or piece of research and they usually explain the reasons for and methods used the research. They should additionally describe the findings or results and say if these were as expected. Theformation a lab report should be accurate, concise, and fact-based.
Final drafts are the complete and very last version of a text. Therefore, all issues should be fully resolved and any guidelines provided by a publisher orstructor should be fully corporated.
These reviews analyze and describe a particular movie, give the reviewer’s opinion, and often offer recommendations. This type of writing can have a formal style or anformal style. The descriptiveformation shoulddicate who stars the movie, who the producer is, when it was made, when it premiered, and what views have been expressed about it by other movie reviewers and the public.
These are reviews of the work of a particular musician toclude any albums or songs they are renowned for.
This style of writing is a type of storytelling where the writer tells the reader anteresting and engaging story about a specific situation, occurrence, or event. It is, fact, a type of short novel and is only slightly different from writing a short story.
An outline (usually allied to essay writing) is a rough first draft that writers create early on the writing process. It gives direction and facilitates the development of a final written piece.
Personal statements or personal essays are short written pieces that writers use when seeking admission to a university or college. For the most part, these essays or statements provide a subjective description of the applicant and their objectives and motives for applying for a particular course or to a particular stitution. Given their purpose, these texts should use expressive language and be error-free.
These essays use a persuasive style and are based on sound argument(s). Therefore, they can be referred to as persuasive or argumentative. Writers use several persuasive techniques to encourage readers to agree with their opinion or viewpoint.
these papers, the reviewer reflects on or reviews a given poem by analyzing any techniques andstruments employed by the creator of the poem. It is also usual for the reviewer to look at the language and figures used the piece, and to give their own personal opinion on it.
Presentations are a method of explaining and demonstrating particular material to an audience. Presenters use several different tools, techniques, and equipment to get their point across. Slides, accompanied by a formal orformal speech, are a common presentation technique.
These essays or statements are mostly quite short and serve totroduce an applicant to the admissions committee at a college or university or to a prospective employer. These statements should describe the candidate’s academic achievements, their objectives, any work experience that is relevant, and their reasons for wanting to undertake a particular course.
These letters are written testimonials recommending an applicant for, say, a particular position or college course or to support their application for some particular thing. A letter of recommendation usually attests to the applicant’s character, skills, and/or experience and confirms they are a good choice for whatever it is they are applying for.
These letters are another type of official written testimonial used to verify that formation provided on an applicant’s CV or resume is correct i.e. that a candidate has the skills, experience, and qualifications they describe their application. Reference letters are often used business and employers may additionally use them to confirm an applicant is or was employed by a particular company and is sufficiently skilled certain areas. Representatives of academic institutions also use reference letters to confirm an applicant’s educational record or qualifications.
These essays describe the writer’s thoughts and feelings on a particular situation, phenomenon, or event. This type of writing is used to hone the writer’s critical thinking skills and to help them get better at formulating opinions of their own.
The process of research usuallyvolves thevestigation of a given topic to understand it. Research is a feature of most types of academic writing, especially to support the central thesis statement, any facts the writer provides, and any conclusion(s) they arrive at.
Generally, a standard research paper is equal length to a standard essay, butvolves more extensive research.
A research report (or paper) is a writing project where the writer is expected to research a topic, to an extent that depends very much on the particular project. These papers usually vary length and the research should be of both the empirical and theoretical type. For example, college research papers may reach 20 pages length while theses and dissertations are often longer, both number of pages and the time needed to complete them.
Research proposals are concisely written papers that set out the reasons and justification for undertaking a particular piece of research. A research project, for instance, may be needed because a student feels there insufficient formation available on a particular subject or that existing formation leaves questions or is consistent.
Reviews are brief summaries or descriptions of an article, book, movie, theater show, or similar. The reviewer’s task is to provide readers with concise and accurate formation about the subject of the review, their own opinion of it, and possibly the opinions of others who reviewed it.
These documents are created by candidates applying for or quiring about a job. The formation a resume should be an accurate summary of the applicant’s educational qualifications, skills, experience, personal traits, and the rests. It is usual for resumes to be submitted with a motivational, recommendation, or cover letter.
These essays are generally written by those who hope to be awarded a scholarship for a particular educational purpose. Therefore, the primary goal is to get the attention of and impress the awarding committee at the targeted institution or organization. The applicant’s task is to set out the reasons for their application, to demonstrate they are a worthy candidate, and to show they have the potential to contribute positively to the awarding organization or establishment.
These are usually a short talk or presentation on a particular topic. Usually, the speaker’s aim is to convince or encourage their audience to adopt a certain point a view or act a certain way. A speech may be formal style orformal depending on whether it is for personal or business purposes.
A writing style is a reference to the way a writer uses words, language, format, tone, and syntax to get formation or ideas across to readers.
This genrecludes two essay types. These are 1) a reader summary that helps the reader better understand a text they are studying or have read, and 2) a summary essay that sums-up an original text to help other people understand it without having to read the full text themselves.
An assignment of this type generally draws on materials covered during a school year or given term. A certain amount of research, even if it is not a large amount, is often needed to write a term paper. Examiners and tutors use these assignments to assess a student’s ability to uncover moreformation about a topic, to see how much knowledge they have acquired, and to understand how well they are able to assimilate a variety of materials.
These are long papers that US students are expected to complete as they come to the end of an undergraduate or Master’s program, or to be eligible to join certain degree programs. Usually, these papers contain a hypothesis, which is developed by the writer as their studies progress.
A thesis statement is usually comprised of one or two sentences that clearly sums-up the purpose or central idea of an academic paper. This should additionally set out the writer’s position on the topic so that readers can better understand any argument(s) that are put forward the course of writing the paper.
These are words and/or phrases that help sentences, paragraphs, ideas, and points flow smoothly and naturally from one to the next. Essentially, they connect separate parts so that it is easier to read and understand the whole.