Dissertation Introduction

Writing an introduction for your dissertation is one of the most controversial but no less important aspects of your study. Do not neglect the role of a properly written introduction in your dissertation. You will see that most experienced writers strongly recommend writing an introductory passage at the end of the dissertation. That is, it is better to focus on writing an introduction by the time your dissertation has been completed. The advice sounds quite reasonable, given that the reader will first read your introduction and then decide if your dissertation is worth any attention at all. So, your task when writing a dissertation introduction is to make it compelling and engaging for your reader. It means that you will have to be focused, accurate, and comprehensible in your writing. You will need to include some background information about your topic, its importance for the reader, and the implications it may have for future research and practice. To put it simply, tell your readers why you are writing this dissertation and what difference it will make for you or anyone else reading your work.

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What You Need to Know before You Write

If you want to produce an outstanding introduction for your dissertation, your primary task is to ask proper questions. Once you have answers, you will be able to pursue the line of logic and consistency in your academic writing. Most of these questions are relevant only when you are writing your introduction ahead of everything else. Then, these questions will guide the whole writing process and even motivate you to do some deeper research on your topic. The more questions you ask and the more answers you get, you will be better equipped to create a luxurious introduction for your expert dissertation.

So, what is this all about? First, you have to consider the background and problems or dilemmas that have motivated you to carry out this and no other study. You need to be certain about what your problem is, what you intend to accomplish, and what you plan to find as a result of your study. Besides, you have to persuade your audience that the topic of your choice is really important and relevant today. In this part of your dissertation you will have to set the stage for developing and communicating your hypothesis. You will also have to articulate what you have discovered in your preliminary research and why you believe your study would make a contribution to your field, profession, or specialty of practice.

Second, you will have to ask yourself if your study is going to benefit your reader. Think broadly, do you believe that the results of your research will promote social change? Do you believe that these results will inform the development of relevant solutions to the problem you are exploring? Besides, ask yourself if you believe that the results of your study will expand the current knowledge and understanding of your problem. Here you may want to take a step forward and explain the methods you plan to use to answer your research question. This information will also help your readers decide if your project is robust enough to contribute to the current and future studies. Tell your readers what you are going to do to complete your research. Do not use too much complicated terminology in your introduction. Make sure to mention possible methodological and design limitations. They will help your readers decide if your research deserves their attention and if it is effective enough to guide future studies.

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